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Best Slug For Airforce Texan 457

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Selecting best slug for Airforce Texan 457

An air rifle is only as good as the pellet you put in it.  Selecting the best air rifle ammunition for the Airforce Texan is now easier than ever since some bullet makers are seeing airguns as a way to expand.  This page is a highlight to the ammo we have found to shoot best in the Airforce 45 caliber Texan.

290 Grain Swage Bullet – best slug for Airforce Texan 457

The most accurate bullet for the Airforce Texan is the 290 grain swage hollow point bullet from Nielsen Specialty Ammo.  This slug is made from a swage machine which gives the most consistent bullet to bullet weight and absolutely perfect form.  No cast bullet could ever compete with the quality of a swage bullet.

Most Accurate Airforce Texan Bullet

You will be able to shoot this bullet out of your Airforce Texan 45 to the longest ranges capable of your gun, out to 100 yards, 200 yards or 500 yards.  This swage 45 caliber air rifle pellet will stay stable and is reported to be the most accurate slug available for the 457 Texan.  This bullet is the answer to the question of best slug for Airforce Texan 457.  Click the text if you want to purchase the most accurate bullet for the Airforce Texan 457.

265 Grain Swage Bullet | Faster / Flatter

A close second in accuracy to the 290 swage slug is this 265 swage slug.  This bullet also has a hollow point and made from the swaging process.  The accuracy is slightly less than the 290 but the difference is only going to be noticed by paper shooters.

Most accurate light Texan 457 bullet

The hollow point 265 grain swage bullet is the most accurate Texan 45 bullet below 275 grains.  The large hollow point nose and light weight allow it to travel through the air fast and let the HP cavity open up on impact.  To purchase the lightest accurate Texan 45 round click on the text to bring you to the purchase page.


372 Grain Cast Bullet | Packs a punch

While tough to compete with a swage round, the 372 grain cast slug boasts some major grain weight and packs a mega punch in the 45 Texan.  It’s long, it’s heavy and by nothing wants to get hit by it.  This round will shoot much slower than the 290 or 265 grain but again this bullet is very stable out to long range targets.

Most Accurate Cast Bullet for Texan 45

This slug is less accurate than the swage 290 grain, but still capable of accurate target acquisition out to 200 yards and beyond.  This round is third for accuracy but is very close to the 265 swage hollow point slug from NSA.  This bullet is still more accurate than almost any bullet other than the swage ammo above, the swage bullets just set such a high bar.  To purchase this cast bullet for Airforce Texan .457 air rifles click on the text.




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